Best Indian Chana Masala Powder By IMC Herbal Products

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Why is Chana Masala famous in India?

There are many people who are fond of eating gram masala in India because gram also has a special place in the crops grown in India and the demand for gram is very high in India as well as in other countries and gram is very good for digestion. It is considered appropriate, whenever there is any problem related to digestion in the stomach, then by feeding things made from gram or roasted with gram, the problem of gas or digestion problem would be solved. The grain of gram was very helpful in digestion as well as giving protein to the body, that is why new types of gram spices were invented from time to time to enhance the taste of gram and many people in the market used gram as this spice. They also do their employment by selling and roasting, so Chana Masala is special in India.

Why IMC Chana Masala Powder only ?

The spices used to make IMC gram masala include chilli, cinnamon, coriander, fenugreek, fennel and ginger etc. It is made naturally without the use of any pesticides, chemicals, artificial colors or fragrances. Not only this, it was not so easy to make gram before IMC introduced this spice in the market. After it comes, all you have to do is boil the gram and put it in it. IMC ka chana masala has to be added and the gram will be ready in a jiffy. There is no need to add tomatoes, ghee, ginger, oil, salt and spices separately to it.
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Benefits of Chana Masala Powder:

• It is easy to prepare.
• Tomato, Ghee, Ginger, Oil and Spices are all present in it, no need to add anything else.
• Gives color and aroma to food and makes it tasty.
• Removes the deficiency of nutrients and makes the body healthy and agile.

Method of preparation IMC Chana Masala:

• Mix one kilogram of white gram and 200 grams of lentils with 10 grams of baking soda and leave it in double the water at night and boil in the morning.
• IMC Add the Chana Masala (1 packet) to the boiled chickpeas.
• Make as required and cook on low flame if the quantity of water is more.
• Serve this spicy, healthy and digestible gram with roti, naan or rice.

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